Tarjeta Inteligente de Presentación

Smart Presentation Card - Puerto Rico - USA- Peru - Smile you're in Busswe

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The Card that speaks to your customers

We make your customers always take you with them; never again will your customers drop your business card

Functional and unlimited

We are Busswe the only business card that speaks to its customers, it is the unlimited smart card, you can distribute whatever you want will never end

Easy customize

A personalized business card, each smart card is totally different and includes Emma the virtual assistant who speaks to your clients, as you would with them

Modern & Creative

You need a business card, but one that your customers never lose or discard, because you have it here, Busswe is the smart card capable of talking to your customers

That your customers forget you, it's a thing of the past


Always on your cell phone

If we want to buy a product or service, from where we look for it today.


They will never throw it away

You haven't seen people throwing away their cell phones, right? Then guaranteed your customers will never throw away your smart card


Complete information

From the first time, impact your customers and show who you are or what you do

The only smart presentation card that serves your customers

Virtual Assistant on your Card

Emma, will comment on what services or products you sell, the promotions you have and will even receive messages.

Always updated

Forget about distributing cards again when you make a change or get a promotion, your customers know about it on the spot.

We use a little computer

If you need, hire or buy something, you don't look for it from a computer, you look for it from a cell phone, then where should your business be?

Easy to share

It is shared with a touch, by SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Social networks, QR code and direct connection

Busswe is with your customers everywhere

Your business, along with Facebook or instagram on the screens of your clients' cell phones.

At the exact moment

When they need you or your products, you will be within reach and very easy to locate, because you are on their phones.

Constant communication of your Offers

It doesn't matter if they have their card closed, by notification they will always know when you launch an offer or have a super promotion

A smart business card for my business, is it possible?

Just contact us today and take it without paying. The smart business card a tap away


$ 35 /mo
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Products Gallery
  • Reservation systems, deliverys, etc.
  • reference price payments are annual


$ 42 /mo
  • All Basic
  • Full Gallery
  • Push Notifications
  • reference price payments are annual


$ 50 /mo
  • All Standard
  • Push Notifications
  • Changes and Unlimited Support
  • Multichannel Support

The happiness of some customers

Our greatest reward is to generate smiles of satisfaction in our customers, you dare to smile with them.


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PUERTO RICO 1 (939) 2013045 

ESTADOS UNIDOS 1 (202) 740-9826

 PERÚ 51 (997) 175 676

COLOMBIA 57 (301) 739 2232

MÉXICO 52 (558) 197 2273